Why should I train Combat Sports/Martial Arts?

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nik-fekete5-1038x576Why should I train Combat Sports/Martial Arts?


Excellent question. Some enlightened folks might respond to such a question with Why breath? Or Why drink water? Other philosophical masters would simply answer your question without words by proceeding to throw a straight punch to your stomach, dropping you to your knees while you squirm in pain, rendering you temporarily incapacitated. After the nausea and throbbing subside, long after the master has stripped you of your lunch money, shoes and pride, you are bizarrely thankful that your question has been answered. You recall the Dalai Lama’s words on how “Your enemy or opponent is your greatest teacher.” The lesson has been taught, and you decide that you must learn how to defend yourself.


There are many different reasons why training in Combat Sports or Martial Arts is important; some reasons are obvious, others not so much. Here is a list of reasons why You should begin, renew or continue your training.


Self Defense. There will be situations in your life in which you will have no control. But for situations that you have control over, such as yourself or others being bullied or attacked (at school, work, other not so public places), you must be able to protect yourself and others when help is truly needed. Learning a Combat Sport or Martial Art is a vital piece of Self Defense.


Confidence. Confidence can come from a variety of places and factors. Some of us seem to be born with it. Some of us never develop it. Others (most of us) develop confidence through years of trial and error. Through repetition of certain patterns that are both physical (material) and mental (immaterial). Point blank, most people Learn how to become confident. Training in Combat Sports and Martial Arts can give one an increase in confidence through the dissolution of fear, not only in physical confrontations, but in instances that transcend the physical aspect into other parts of our lives.


Fitness. The Physical training portion of Combat Sports or Martial Arts is one of the main factors of getting into shape. The other factors being diet (nutritional habits or patterns), mental thought processes, and genetics. The repetition of the many techniques in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay-Thai, Wrestling, Grappling, and Mixed Martial Arts, combined with sparring, stretching, strength training, cardio training, and other auxiliary forms of physical training can and will get you into your ideal Form.


Communtiy. Many of us are looking to belong to something, to be part of a group, to congregate. Combat Sport or Martial Arts training offers that experience often like joining a team, family, fraternity or sorority, giving one that sense of brother or sisterhood that he or she intrinsically desires. Joining a Combat Sport or Martial Art team or gym can lead one onto a path of positive existence, providing his or herself with positive knowledge, so that he or she can provide or be of service to others.


Coach Nick

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