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  • John Welch - After

“What I think about exercise after being in the industry since I was 11 years old either training or teaching is this:

If you think you need exercise to stay healthy and look good, you have to find something you enjoy at the same time. If you also have no help or guidelines the risk of injury and getting bored is pretty high. Imagine going to a big chain gym with beautiful and expensive equipment and getting bored after a week, then you hire a personal trainer who got his certificate in one weekend. On the other hand, if you go to a small privately owned gym with instructional personalized classes you get to follow an instructor who really knows what they are doing. Your mind is off the time and you get a great workout. With proper instruction, getting in shape and learning to defend yourself really just takes showing up.

Above are pictures of my student, John Welch. He started training at my gym on February 20th of 2015 at 220lbs. In August he weighed himself at 160lbs. He couldn’t achieve this level of fitness by running on a treadmill at a 75 degree chain club. John didn’t just lose weight, he also became a great fighter and even if he never steps into a ring, he certainly knows how to defend himself. I’m sure there are people out there that have gotten in shape at these big clubs or on their own but the level of dedication it takes is more than the average person has. So the reason to pick a privately owned smaller gym, as opposed to a big chain is because most of the trainers who own a gym have stayed in business for a reason – they know how to use exercise and whatever art you are doing as a lifestyle.”

— Ali Tareh

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