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Fighting is man’s ‘passion in life’
Ali Tareh operates a fight school for people of all ages that emphasizes respect for fellow man

Article published on Thursday, April 23, 2009

PINELLAS PARK – Ali Tareh has been fighting since he left Iran a decade ago.

The champion kickboxer, self-defense and fight professional operates the Ultimate Fighting School at 6240 39th St. where he teaches men, women and children of all ages the art of fighting and self-defense.

“It is something I love to do,” Tareh said. “It is my passion in life.”

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When I first met Ali when I was just out of the hospital after a three night stay for back spasms. It was the closest I’ll ever come to labor pains, and I didn’t even get an epidural. I was 57 years old and 50 pounds overweight. I wasn’t doing middle age well at all.
The time lying on my back in the hospital gave me lots of time to think. The more I thought, the more embarrassed I became. The more embarrassed I became, they angrier I get at myself. I swore to never let myself get so out of shape and heavy again. Ali was the friend of a friend. He was the only trainer I knew, so I gave him a call.

I was concerned at first because I knew he was a martial arts guy. I wondered if he could slow everything down enough for me. We started with individual sessions. I think I surprised him by how stiff I was. Forget my toes, I couldn’t even touch my knees! Ali was patient. He never took me past what I could do. The exercises made sense, and I could do most of them at home. There was no pressure to come in all the time. He did chart my progress to make sure I was staying with the program. Ali had a good understanding of what I could and couldn’t do. We started with stretching. As I got more flexible, he added strength work. As I could do more, he added aerobics. As I could do the aerobic work the weight started coming off.

It has been a good plan. I didn’t do perfect, but I’ve done well enough. I haven’t had a back spasm yet. I=ve lost over 30 pounds and put on a bit of muscle. I’m no superman, but I feel and look a lot better. I can walk with confidence and without pain. I’ll take that. Thanks Ali!

Rich Brown, PHD , Author of book “A Engineers In Love”
Tampa, Fl.

I had the great fortune to meet Ali Tareh two years ago. I needed to lose weight and get back in shape, and I was looking for a personal trainer who had knowledge and experience. Through a friend, I met Ali, a professional boxer and an inspiring trainer. I started training with Ali twice a week. Within a couple of months, I lost some weight, became much more flexible and felt energized. Best of all, the shoulder pain that I had suffered from for a long time, completely disappeared. Ali is not only an accomplished athlete and a great personal trainer; he also has a wonderful sense of humor and cares deeply about his students. He is truly talented and knows how to get the best out of each and every individual.

Bassima S. Ibrahim

When I started at Ali Fitness in March 2006, during the first session, Ali became concerned that I, at age 54, just might not be cut out for his training regimen. I was exhausted halfway through and probably looked like I was going to pass out. I persevered and made it through. I’ve kept a regular class attendance and six months later, I am 20 pounds lighter, and able to successfully spar three rounds in the boxing ring with men half my age. His training never gets any easier, darn it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lou Hidu

A man I admire…

“Losers believe in fate, Winners create their own.” These words are a favorite saying of my kickboxing instructor. He is a man I greatly admire for overcoming the obstacles of coming from another country, being exceptional at his profession, and staying eternally focused upon accomplishing his goals.

Anyone who meets Ali Tareh can tell within mere moments that he was not born within the United States. Each immigrant faces a unique set of difficulties those native to this country can only begin to understand. When Ali came to this country, he faced an immediate language barrier stemming from the fact he would only speak a few butchered words of English. Ali was, and is, the only one from his family who lives within the United States. While these are problems many other immigrants must face, my sensei also faces troubles stemming from coming from Iran, a country which is often frowned upon after the events of September 11th. Despite these obstacles and against all odds Ali has made a new beginning for himself here within the United States. It is only through steadfast will power that garners respect that he could have done so.

While Ali appears to be laid back and easy going, and in many ways he is, a brief glimpse beneath the surface will reveal a man with unwavering dedication to his students. Ali always strives to give the top quality instruction that he can provide at all times. While most trainers would be pleased with themselves for providing simply the best education they possibly can, Ali is willing to go above and beyond that. Whenever I need someone to talk to or to go the extra mile for me Ali can always be depended upon. And often times I’ll find that he has experienced similar trials that I face in life and is willing to share his personal experiences both for advice and inspiration.

After hearing of Ali’s trials and tribulations, and the successes he has made despite them, it can easily be said that he is a focused man. Since he came to the United States in 1999, Ali has remained ever determined to reach his goals of opening his own gym and establishing a boxing career. Although he has experienced losses in his boxing bouts, he continually seeks more fights to improve his skills. His dream of opening his own gym will come to pass in a matter weeks undoubted|y due to his undying resolve to see this ambition come to fruition.

My respect for Ali stems from many aspects of his character. His success despite being an immigrant, his brilliance at his profession, and his ceaseless motivation are but a few of those qualities that I highly regard. “Winners create their own fate.” These are the words of my instructor and friend, and he does not say them idly. Living by those words has allowed for his fate to become what it is today.

Ali Tareh, owner and fitness instructor of Fight Fitness Center in Pinellas Park Florida, is unquestionably the best trainer and fitness instructor you will ever find. Consider his boxing experience, knowledge of fitness and conditioning, and determination to make students the best they can be is an experience you should have firsthand. I highly recommend Fight Fitness Center and Ali Tareh.

Tab Ray – Civil Construction Estimator & Project Manager