Ali Tareh was born on February 25th, 1973 in Tehran – the capital city of Iran. At the young age of 9, he started taking gymnastic classes and a years later, at the age of 10, he began studying Tae-Kwon-Do and Karate, in which he competed a few times each, This, however, lasted only a short period of time before he was introduced to Kung-Fu-TOA. Ali then realized that he had a passion for it and decided to pursue it. Ali took the art of Kung-Fu-Toa, a very demanding sport, seriously enough to study it for 8 years, achieving a 7th degree black belt. Ali participated in many tournaments and amateur fights.

Ali became interested in Kickboxing and San Shou little by little because of the rules. Ali trained and started competing in tournaments for both sports and at the age of 21, after long years of study, Ali opened his own academy. This became one of the most successful and popular academies in his home country. While teaching at his own academy and competing kickboxing & San Shou, At the age of 21, he took 1st place in the National Iranian Competition held in the capital city of Tehran. This earned him a place in the Iranian National Team where he was an active member for four years and traveled to a few different countries for competitions. He competed more than 200 times, in Karate & Tae-Kwon-Do, Kickboxing & San Shou. He competed for 4 years as the number 1 fighter on the team. Each year he had to compete to stay number one on the team. Ali traveled with the team, fighting all over Asia and Europe. He won 6th place in the Southeast Asian Tournament in which 23 different countries participated. Ali has his 7th Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing from the IAF in Germany and his 2nd Degree blackbelt in Kickboxing from the internationally known ISKA.

Even though Ali was very successful in his career at home, he wanted change and decided to move to the USA and test his skills there and compete in Boxing.

Soon after arriving in the USA in 1999, he fought three times and triumphed in all three fights, which earned him the Southeast Championship Belt in kickboxing. The year 2000 brought about another change to Ali’s personal and professional career. He switched to professional boxing, a rather quick and hard jump for many, but not for Ali. He has since participated in 33 professional fights and performed well in all of them, he fought a 10 round fight and won by KO vs a tough opponent and won the NBA Title. Ali has promoted 50 Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA events. Ali was accepted to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2013 for Promoter of the Year.

After competing in combat sports for 40 years, Ali retired from his own fight career in 2023 and has switched his focus to his fighters. He is in the Florida Boxing Hall of fame, he is Coach of Team Florida for Golden Gloves. Ali has an ever growing fight team made up of amateurs and professionals all with their own distinguished accomplishments.